Drake Dragon Studios started originally at the end of 2019 and was primarily focused on Game Development utilizing the Unity game engine.  When we started noticing that we needed to start making assets for our games, and that is when we got into the world of 3D.

Getting into the world of 3D seemed like it was such a simple and straight forward path, but it has had so many twists, turns, wiggles, and crashes.  There is way more involved than people realize when you start learning 3D.

We decided to split up our team into different areas of this vast 3D world, and focus on different areas.  Lighting, Texturing, Modeling, Sculpting, Animating, Compositing, Rendering, Visual Effects, and so much more became an epic hurdle.  There is just so many different pathways to learn, and then various workflows for each of those paths.

Even today we are still pushing the boundaries of what we know and understand in Computer Generated Imagery in 3D environments.  We are just now starting to push into the Animation end of the spectrum a bit more and will be working on some Animated Shorts that will be online in the near future.

Each and every project that we take on is an adventure in a world that truly doesn’t exist until we create it.  This is where work becomes fun, because the only real limitations is your imagination.

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