So, today marks the beginning of a new and improved website with an updated custom design thanks to our development team.

Welcome to Drake Dragon Studios v3.0. We are excited to show off some of the projects that we have in the works, and absolutely want to get the main gallery filled with all the project highlights our team has chosen as our favorites.

We will continually be updating the gallery as the project pool builds up.  Doing art in 3D is what we do, its what we enjoy, it makes us happy. Because of this, we are constantly working on 3d art projects.

It is truly amazing how many times a 3d scene or prop gets re-worked into another bigger project. Imagination is the only true limitation besides time. There is always a way to create something, just may be some hurdles to figure out along the way, but that’s what is creatively fun.

Like an escape room is exciting to solve the puzzle and move onto the next puzzle, 3D modeling and sculpting, even texturing and lighting are part of a giant puzzle.

How we shape our scene is what makes it what it ends up as, whether its a still frame render, part of an animation, or a game asset, it had puzzles that needed solving all along the way.

We hope to be expanding into the realm of 3d animation more in the near future and are thrilled to expand into that area of 3d art a bit more. Our team would really like it if you join us on our journey through the world of 3D art and computer generated imagery.

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